Craigslist used to be lot more chill than it’s now, scammers have taken over, especially in the relationship section.

Craigslist used to be lot more chill than it’s now, scammers have taken over, especially in the relationship section.

But do you know what? Craigslist is full of marijuana advertisements, and some of those are legit.

I do want to begin this article by warning all cannabis growers and folks who’ve cannabis to sell or share become cautious about people who put “I want 420” adverts within the personals area on Craigslist.

Even in states where marijuana is legal, you frequently see ads aimed at finding cannabis on craigslist.

Several of those ads are from females who appear to be hinting you’ll get set if you will get your ex high.

When there is actually a genuine girl rather than a police behind the advertising, in most situations your ex is really a scammer, liar, psycho bitch, loser, fattie (BBW is what they call by themselves) or other variety of female you never desire to satisfy.

If you’re a marijuana grower or marijuana vendor, you could make cash attempting to sell via Craiglist, you have to be super careful, and just know in advance, it is always risky.

A number of these ads are police stings. The thing is an advertising that says “looking for meds,” or “looking for trees” along with no idea if it’s a legit individual or a cop.

You can’t afford to make a error if you’re a marijuana seller or grower.


A huge selection of Craigslist Marijuana Ads

Whenever you look on Craigslist Denver, Craigslist Los Angeles, Craigslist Seattle, Craigslist Portland, Craigslist Boulder, Craigslist Eugene, Craigslist Ann Arbor—or most any major Craigslist website in a state with legal leisure and/or marijuana that is medical.

You see hundreds of marijuana advertisements!

“Are you fed up with getting burned with low quality cannabis and extracts? I’ve additional super clean organic cannabis, wax and shatter for donation,” is how one Craigslist marijuana advertisement reads. “All of my item will burn right down to a clean white ash. Most of my bud is grown with amended soil and fed just molasses and compost tea. My wax is produced with medical grade butane plus it’s all vacuum purged at optimum of 120F and for at the very least 48 hours to make sure a butane that is clean product which has a perfect honeycomb consistency, extremely neat and delicious. My shatter is all vacuum purged for 48 hours and held under 100F to ensure the perfect honey oil color and taste. I constantly test my very own product, and I take pride into the undeniable fact that my cannabis items totally clean.”

Sounds impressive, right? This person seems to know very well what he’s speaing frankly about, and also you could have a tremendously time that is easy of marijuana on Craigslist, in the event that guy is legit.

In places where marijuana that is medical and/or other retail marijuana product sales are appropriate or quasi-legal, some Craigslist cannabis vendors are licensed or aboveground dispensaries with storefront areas.

They’ll suggest that in the Craigslist advert.

They often times require state-issued cannabis cards, although in Colorado tourists can by 1/4 ounce of marijuana per from authorized marijuana stores, with no marijuana card needed day.

In places where cannabis has no legal status at all, you hardly ever if ever see cannabis advertisers on Craigslist of course you are doing, you must wonder if it’s a cop or just somebody insane enough to advertise buds easily obtainable in someplace where that’s a felony.

Obviously when you contact Craigslist marijuana advertisers, you gotta know that you might encounter some crazy scams along with legit storefront cannabis sellers.

I’ve become an expert about finding marijuana on Craigslist because I’m in a situation where We can’t lawfully grow and have always been not always prepared to get storefront marijuana that is retail.

We contacted A craigslist grower who wanted me personally to satisfy him at a gas station, offer him the cash, then he would keep coming back aided by the ounce.

On another occasion, a cannabis seller stated he’d meet me personally at a certain target.

I went here and nobody arrived who matched the description I have been given by the of himself.

But two guys did show up to try to carjack my Prius.

They apparently didn’t have tools, and so I aimed the car right at them. They leapt taken care of, and I drove off, frightened and wishing that I hadn’t tried marijuana that is finding Craigslist.

So just how simple and safe is it finding cannabis on Craigslist?

Craigslist Denver, Portland, Seattle, La, etc.

Head to Craigslist Denver, and kind the expressed word cannabis in to the site’s search engine.

Also it’s not just individuals attempting to sell bud, bubblehash, errl, BHO…it’s people selling cannabis seeds, clones, hydroponics gear, grow stores, grow ops, marijuana soil, cannabis books, grow warehouses, outside cannabis growing acreage, hydroponics nutrients, marijuana videos, marijuana containers, marijuana licenses, marijuana distribution, marijuana grow lights, cannabis containers.

You identify it, Craigslist has it.

These days, you do well to be ultra-cautious as with almost any online person-to-person transaction.

It’s rare when We see a Craigslist marijuana advertisement which has some cleverness to it, a phone that is legit, and particularly, a marijuana delivery solution that will bring the meds straight to you.

I have a throwaway cell phone I take advantage of exclusively for cannabis discounts, and I have a contact account specifically arranged to address my Craigslist marijuana discounts.

If I get adequate data via email, I’ll go for a phone call, and absolutely I ask a huge amount of questions regarding the phone.

More than half the time I choose to go no further than that first telephone call.

Once I head out to get cannabis, we pack temperature and learn how to put it to use.

Whenever feasible, we bring my friend Jamal beside me.

He had been a college football player—a 240 pound offensive lineman.

Just having him here increases my creds and my safety.

Always meet in public areas that are well-lit, in safe elements of city, and where people should be able to hear you yell for help.

Don’t front money to strangers, and in case you’re feeling like some bad shit is mostly about to drop, obtain the hell out of here.

You can live to score your marijuana another day. A lot better than getting ripped off…or worse.

Another word to the wise: police have gone after Craigslist marijuana vendors and buyers.

I do buy weed from Craigslist sellers, and have now gotten some sort buds. And I purchased some shatter from a Craigslist vendor who turned out to be a close friend of the friend.

Just How am I going to decrease the price, hassle, and risk of finding marijuana on Craigslist?

I’m going to change my situation so I grow my marijuana that is own’s exactly how.

I will bid a fond farewell to the Craigslist marijuana world when I get back to growing my own cannabis again.

Until then, finding marijuana on Craigslist is probably just a little safer and a easier than scoring from the dealer regarding the road.

Nonetheless it’s not for the faint of heart.

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